Hi, Welcome to my Site. Thanks alot for coming here and sparing your time. Spending your time for someone is the greatest thing you can do because you are losing part of life that you cannot get back. I am KrishnaChaitanya Ch, near and dear call me krishna.

I am an Electronics and Communications Engineer and have around 6 years of Experience in IT infrastructure design, deoplyment and management. Currently I am working with an Organization which is a leader in Healthcare and Education which has presence and campuses both in India and abroad. My job involves working with bleeding edge technologies and projects around them, primary responsibilities being Virtualization and Unified Communications.

Personally I work like to surf, hacking(not cracking)--still learning, like to grab every bit of knowledge thats around me and on the net. I like to make lot of friends. I like to make people laugh. Computer addict, Internet holic, but no other addiction. I Like all kinds of music and read a lot.

I like to share whatever knowledge I gained by self study, practice and resources that I found on internet. I believe internet is a place where you can get what you want with a little effort and luck. I want to make this site to be a place where everyone can find something new to know.

Hope this is enough to know about me and this site. Happy Surfing. Take care N Enjoy Clicking